Copyright & Terms of use

Please Respect My Work!

All photographic images and prints presented to you by J. Brazil Photography are protected from copying, scanning, reproduction, enhancement or manipulation by under the United States Federal Copyright Laws as well as International Copyright Laws. These Copyright Laws protect photographers by giving the author of the photograph the exclusive right to reproduce your photographs. This includes the right to control the making of copies. In other words, it is illegal to upload to a website or blog, print screen, copy, scan, or reproduce your photographs anywhere without requesting and receiving written permission from Jamie Brazil of J.Brazil Photography.

This includes not only purchased prints on photographic paper or canvas, but digital images, as well, from our website, blog, online gallery, etc. If you own a copyright released CD of your session, you are entiled to print where ever you choose and upload where you choose. However, It is still Illegal to submit those said photos for contest or commercial use stating that you were the photographer.

Facebook users: It is okay for you to use your photographs posted on our facebook page for your personal facebook pages. Please do not crop out our logo!

J. Brazil Photography reserves the right to use any photo taken during sessions for advertisment and print purposes and remains the sole owner of those Photographs.